I’m Maureen.

I’m a Mom, Physician, and Life Coach.

I specialize in helping mothers of Type 1 diabetic kids overcome worry and stress. Through my 12-week Chronically Strong Coaching Program, I empower moms to advocate for their child confidently, get organized, and build a strong support system. Together, we’ll transform chaos into manageable challenges, ensuring you live a full life while championing your child’s needs. Join me in this empowering journey!

I Dreamed Of Being A Mom, But I Didn’t Dream About The Struggles Of Parenting

I had two dreams when I was young: to be a pediatrician and become a mom. My dreams did become reality when I walked across the stage on my father’s 50th birthday to be awarded my medical degree while being newly pregnant with my first child. Over the next few years, I was blessed to become a mom on three separate occasions. Each child brought incredible joy and difficult challenges.

And then this happened…

When I was a pediatric resident, my infant daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. I lived in a world filled with surgeries, chemotherapy, lines, tubes, and medications. I allowed the stress and chaos of parenting a child with medical challenges consume me. Years later, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and this brought on more challenges along with my other two children’s mental health diagnoses. I became lost in a world that revolved around navigating the health concerns of my children. Parenting my children through the years has brought incredible challenges and difficult joy.


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Want to live to thrive?

Read RECLAIMING LIFE: A Guide for Parents of Chronically Ill Children.

Told with personal stories, the book plunges into the mind of parents who become consumed with worry and fear when their children face medical challenges.

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I have loved caring for children with chronic health issues during my time as a pediatrician and allergist/immunologist. I could easily educate my patients about what they needed to do to improve their health, but it was much more difficult to teach them how to do it.

Then I discovered life coaching…
I learned the skills needed to facilitate behavior change in me. The tools I learned from life coaching gave me an exciting, peaceful, and joyful life. I understand that the health of the child depends on the well-being of the parents. As a certified life coach, I am able to share the tools with parents of children with medical challenges. They can reclaim their lives and learn to thrive!

I love working with people just like you!